Dominika Leszczynska
3D Artist and Illustrator

Sea Viruses

Still and moving images for a double-page spread (Uni Project)

The project explores the hidden beauty of the microscopic world of sea viruses, inspired by intricate forms and patterns of marine life and Curtis A. Suttle’s seminal paper “Viruses in the Sea”.
Drawing on fashion's frequent inspiration from nature and the jewelry-like qualities of corals, I have explored the intersection of fashion and marine biology, capturing a sense of elegance.

Immerse Yourself In The Sound

Universal Music Group UK (D&AD New Blood Awards)
Live music has unique ability to evoke deep emotions and holds a significant importance in bringing individuals together from diverse backgrounds through their mutual love for music. UMUSIC AUTUMN 2024 not only honours the incredible performers gracing the stage but also recognises the vital role of each and every one of the staff involved. The campaign focuses on acknowledging the combined effort in producing something truly extraordinary, crafting an immersive experience that profoundly resonates with the audience during the concert. It stands as a testament to the dedication, marking the culmination of the collective efforts in bringing the music to life.

The inspiration draws from the symbolism of a DNA strain. The concept is rooted in the idea of genetic diversity and the intricate patterns found within, which mirror the tapestry of human diversity.  The DNA strain motif is a metaphor for the varied voices, talents and backgrounds of coming together in for the musical event.By integrating these elements, I aimed to create a visually dynamic composition, reflecting the energy and vibrancy of the event, while staying true to the group's commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing diverse voices. The design exudes a fresh and modern aesthetic, which aligns with the essence of emerging talent showcased at the show.

Psychedelic Sea Creature

A triptic inspired by psychedelic underwater world (University Project)

The project centres on exploring Surrealism in the realm of digital art. Using the 3D face as my canvas, I express artistic ideas where unconventional forms and organic elements blend seamlessly onto the visage, resulting in a range of 3D makeup filters/illusions. By deconstructing facial elements to achieve a three-dimensional cut-out effect and making profile alterations, I created an abstract composition filled with vibrant colours and psychedelic designs.

Contemporary Pot

A mushroom pot triptic (University Project)

Curious to explore the boundaries of contemporary illustration, I have set out to elevate an ordinary object into something extraordinary. The inspiration for this project was a simple, yet striking image: a mushroom elevated by glowing light. The artwork aims to transport the viewer into a mystical forest, where an unassuming pot is imbued with extraordinary qualities. The pot integrates organic elements of mushrooms, rocks and ivy, embodying the enchantment of its surrounding while captivating the viewer with its otherworldly charm.